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If you have purchased email credits, you may use this page to email your camper. These emails will be printed and delivered in the Pony Express. These are one-way emails and campers are not able to respond.

  • Any emails to campers must be submitted through this form
  • Only campers who have purchased an email credit package can receive the printed emails.
  • The cost for an email package is $9.99 +HST which can be used for up to 10 emails.
  • Emails will only be delivered Monday – Friday and must be submitted by 9 am on the day you would like it to be delivered.
  • Emails should only be sent by individuals listed on the camper’s application.
  • Sorry, we are not able to provide a refund for unused email credits.

If you haven’t purchased an email package but would like to, log in to your account and then click “View Details” to add email credits to your child’s camp session, or contact our office.

Write your message below:

    If you are receiving an error message, please send your email directly to [email protected]. We apologize for the inconvenience!