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Camp is Even Better With Friends


Camp is a big week for kids. It’s even bigger when they share it with friends. The fun starts now as they anticipate the summer together, keeps building as they share in all the fun once they get there and lasts beyond the summer through great shared memories. Not to mention for every new friend that you refer you will save money and can even earn a FREE WEEK at camp!

Save More With Each New Friend!

2024 Rebate
$20-50 Rebate
/per friend
Get a rebate on this year’s camp fees for every new friend you bring!
Day Camp: $20 off
Discovery and Crew Camps: $40 off
LIT, and Horse Lovers: $50 off
2025 Credit
$30-75 Credit
/per friend
OR you can choose to receive a credit towards next year’s camp fees for every new friend you bring!
Day Camp: $30 off
Discovery and Crew Camps: $50 off
LIT, and Horse Lovers: $75 off
Free Camp
/per 5 friends
Bring 5 new friends and you earn a FREE WEEK at camp!

*As a bonus, your new friend(s) will receive a discount of their camp fee as well!

Day Camps $20 off

Discovery or Crew Camps $40 off

LIT, and Horse Lovers $50 off

How Does It Work?


Make sure you are already registered for camp yourself. Haven’t registered yet? Register now and start your summer adventure!


Invite your friends to come to camp this summer. Not sure how? See below for some examples!


Let us know who is coming by completing the form below and we’ll apply the discount.


Enjoy an awesome camp experience together!


What Can You Do to Invite?


Tell People Your Camp Story

There is no better way to encourage someone to come to camp than to simply share with people how camp was significant for you!

Send a Facebook Message or Email

This is a quick and easy way to invite people to experience camp with you.

Handout Brochures

Handing out brochures to new friends is a great way to give people more information about what camp is all about. If you would like some let us know how many you would like and we can send them your way. Email [email protected].

5 Reasons Why Camp is Even Better With Friends


Sending our kids to camp with friends just seems to have this way of amplifying their experience. With that said, here are five reasons why you should invite your new friends to camp this summer!


Let Us Know Who You're Bringing


Fill out the form below to let us know who you are bringing.
Once they register, we will apply the discounts. If you invite even more new friends, just fill out this form again.



    Would you like to receive a Rebate or Credit?




    *Some exceptions apply. Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers. Friends must be first time to camp and not siblings. Rebate amount may differ by program or session. Non-applicable to agency paid fees.