What's better than camp? FREE CAMP!


You know how great camp is, and we want you to tell your friends about it! Earn great discounts or even a free week of camp! Encourage your friends to register for this year’s summer camp along with you and save!  See details below…


IT’S EASY… Follow these steps and SAVE!


1 | REGISTER for Summer Camp.

2 | Help your friends REGISTER.

3 | Fill out the form below or the one on your online application, so both of you can SAVE!

Earn a rebate or credit for each first-time camper that you refer to Circle Square Ranch. Refer five new friends and your week is free! The friend you referred will also receive a New Friend Discount.

New This Year

We have added a new “Referral Roll-Over Option” to our Bring a Friend Program! This means that you can now accumulate referrals from year to year in order to reach the goal of referring 5 friends and earning a free week of camp.

When the referred friend registers for camp, you’ll earn one of the following options:
  1. 2019 rebate- Applied immediately and you can continue to work towards earning a free week of camp in 2019 by bringing 5 new friends
  2. Future Credit (to be applied in the year you request, 2020 and on) – A credit is put on your account to be used towards camp in the future. By choosing this option, you will be eligible to participate in our Referral Roll-Over Option and accumulate referrals towards 5 in total. Your week of camp will be free during the summer you make your 5th referral. (We’ll check in with you in 2020 we will ask you if you want to apply your credit, or hold it and continue to invite friends to camp)

Siblings are not considered first-time friends and the offer is not applicable to agency paid fees. Rebates and credits are applied after the new referred friend has applied for camp.

*New Friend discounts can only be applied once per child and cannot be combined with early bird or sibling discounts.

Here's the Breakdown


  • Discovery, Boys and Route 4:13 Camps:  Rebate $50 / Credit $75
  • Day Camp: Rebate $20 / Credit $30
  • Junior Camp: Rebate $35 / Credit $50
  • 252 Crew: Rebate $35 / Credit $50
  • Other: Rebate $50 / Credit $75

  • Discovery, Boys and Route 4:13 Camps: $40
  • Day Camp: $20
  • Junior Camp: $30
  • 252 Crew: $30
  • Other: $50

Fill Out the Form!

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