Circle Square Ranch’s Retreat & Outdoor Education Centre is a premier facility located on 135 acres of beautiful, rolling countryside.


Seasonal Activities & Programs

Circle Square Ranch offers a wide range of fun and challenging activities for every season, and adheres to the safety standards set by the Ontario Camping Association and Christian Camping International/Canada. We are constantly adding to and improving our programs. Take a look below and see what we have to offer you. Schedules are flexible to accommodate your plans and we are available to assist you before your arrival. Please contact Director of Programs and Retreats, Felicia Hunt for more information.

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In this fun-filled recreational activity, participants will learn basic shooting techniques in a safe environment.
Enjoy climbing our 30’ tower featuring both rock climbing and a cargo net. Participants will be able to challenge themselves with our beginner, intermediate, and advanced climbing walls.
Challenge yourself physically and mentally on our popular high ropes course. Our trained staff will belay participants on their choice of vertical or horizontal obstacles.
Engage in an experiential learning obstacle course that encourages participants to develop team unity, communication and problem solving skills.

Participants will receive beginner-level horseback riding instructions. While controlling their horse at a walk, riders will practice stopping, turning, reversing, and circling.

*Please note that riders must meet minimum age, height, and weight requirements.

Participants will go on on a scenic trailride through our property.

*Please note that riders must meet minimum age, height, and weight requirements.

Acquire the basic skills of wilderness survival by learning to safely and effectively use natural materials to build a fire.
Learn about the local plant and wild life while fostering a respect for nature through our hands-on guided nature hike.
Children will be taken on a guided pony ride in this introductory riding experience geared to ages 3-9.
Specially trained program facilitators lead participants in fun and engaging activities that serve as stepping stones to improved communication, problem solving skills and community development.
Trained staff will teach the basics of horse anatomy, horse behaviour, and how to properly care for a horse in this interactive educational activity.

*Some conditions apply to activities. Please review your program plan with us when booking.

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Circle Square Ranch is a well established camp that offers a warm and welcoming environment for our guests with wooded trails, lots of horses, large playing fields, clean, comfortable accommodations, excellent food service and great, outdoor adventure! Explore all we have to offer!

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