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We are looking forward to having you at camp this summer! The information below will help you to prepare for camp, including what to bring lists, a theme meal calendar for overnight camps, arrival and departure information, important medical documents, and more! Some information is specific to overnight camps, and some is specific to day camps.

Preparing for Summer Camp

We are so excited to have you at camp this summer! We are more dedicated than ever about investing in campers and we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure camp is a safe, fun-filled and wonderful place for them.


Summer Camp Packing List


Start preparing for camp by downloading the PDF packing list and information package for your child’s program!

Theme Meals


Check out the theme calendar for 2024! Theme meals are a highlight of the camp day! Costumes are optional but always encouraged for extra fun.


Theme Meal Calendar


Arriving & Departing From Camp

Parents and campers stay in their vehicles during drop off and pick up as we have drive-thru registration. We are unable to accommodate early registration, drop off, or pick up and ask that you arrive during the designated time. We have a long drive way and you are welcome to wait on the driveway if you arrive early.


On the first day of a new session, registration may take up to 25 minutes.


If your child will be absent or late due please be sure to email [email protected] or call our office at 519-754-0171 and leave a message in the morning to let us know

Drop Off Times:

  • Last name A-M: 8:00 a.m. – 8:20 a.m.
  • Last name N-Z: 8:20 a.m. – 8:40 a.m.

*Dropping your camper off during the specified times helps reduce traffic and wait times. However, you are welcome to drop your camper(s) off during either time slot based on your family’s needs.*


Pick Up Times:

Early pick-ups must be pre-arranged with our office based on the camp daily schedule

  • Regular Pick Up: 4:00 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.
  • Late Pick Up (for families who have purchased this option): 5:00 – 5:15 p.m.

If you arrive on property BEFORE 4:00 please wait on the driveway in the designated area. We will begin sign-out promptly at 4:00.

Please be prepared to show ID at pick-up. Only people on your approved list will be permitted to pick up your camper

Any early pick-ups MUST be pre-arranged with our office. We offer early pick-up times at 12:45 p.m. or 2:30 p.m. based on transition times in our camp schedules.

Parents and campers stay in their vehicles for the majority of drop off and pick up as we provide drive-thru registration. We are unable to accommodate early registration or pick up and ask that you arrive during the designated time. As the final step of registration, parents of overnight campers will have the opportunity to exit their vehicle in a designated area to meet camp counselors and staff.


Sunday Drop Off Times:

4:15 pm – 5:15 pm
Drop off may take up to 40 minutes. Dinner will be served after drop off.


Friday Pick Up Times:

6:15 pm – 7:00 pm
Please have your ID ready for pick-up. Campers can only be released to individuals named on the camp registration form or otherwise confirmed with our office.

Medical Care & Policies


Please notify our office if there are any updates to your child’s medical, allergy, or dietary information prior to camp.


All medications (including puffers, epi-pens, vitamins, etc.) must be handed into the Camp Nurse during registration along with appropriate medication forms (see below).


Overnight Campers will have a lice check during sign-in. Campers with lice or nits will need to return home to remove all lice and nits before being allowed to return to camp. While we understand that not all nits are “live” there is no way for us to determine if a nit is live or not, and as such no nits may be present. To make the process run more smoothly, we recommend that campers come with their hair down or in a simple ponytail.


Day Campers will not have a lice check, but will wear a polypropylene bouffant hairnet during each helmeted activity to reduce potential transmission.


Click below for specific policies and information:


Meals, Snacks, and Canteen

Day Campers are asked to bring a daily nut-free lunch and morning snack. We will be serving a hot-dog lunch on the last day of each session for those that have purchased this option.


Explore Day Campers who have purchased the “Daily Canteen Package 1” ($11.25) will receive a freezie and a drink (juice box or water) each afternoon. Explore Day Campers who have purchased the “Daily Canteen Package 2” ($21.25) will receive a bag of chips or a sweet treat (eg. chocolate bar, candy), a freezie, and a drink (juice box or water) each afternoon.


Extreme Day Campers who have purchased the “Daily Canteen Package 1” ($12.50) will receive a freezie and a drink (juice box, water, or pop) each afternoon. Extreme Day Campers who have purchased the “Daily Canteen Package 2” ($22.50) will receive a bag of chips or a sweet treat (eg. chocolate bar, candy), a freezie and a drink (juice box, water, or pop) each afternoon.


Families that are opting out of the canteen packages should pack a nut-free afternoon snack from home instead.


Log in to add canteen or hot dog lunch options up to four days before your child’s week of camp begins. After this time, you will need to contact our office to add these options. Please note that the cost of the canteen packages will be the same, even if it is added partway through the week. It may take up to 24 hours for your child’s name to be added to the canteen list when purchasing a canteen package after a session has begun.

All meals, an afternoon snack, and a bedtime snack are included in your overnight camp fees.


The canteen is open daily for Overnight Campers to purchase snacks. Tuck deposits are taken in advance and be placed in an account that your child can use throughout the week. Any unspent money above $3 will be returned on the last day.


Contact our office or log in to add a Tuck Deposit. We recommend only adding money for 1 week at a time if your child is attending multiple camp sessions. Suggested amount is $3 – $5/ day.

Communication During Overnight Camp


Mail: Mail is delivered daily to campers. Many families like to pre-write letters or put together parcels for their child and drop them off at sign-in. Please be sure any food items in parcels are nut-free.


Care Packages: Families will be able to order care packages as a thoughtful way to remind your camper that you are thinking of them while they are away. Various care packages and special items will be available to order beginning June 23, 2024.


E-mail: Families can also pay for email-credits to send one-way emails to their kid while they are at camp.


Photos: We know you will miss your child while they are at camp, so we have a photo program for our overnight camps to give you a bit of a glimpse into what is going on at camp. A password to access the photos will be provided to you on the first day of camp. You should see your child in 2-3 photos during the week.


Cell Phones: Campers aren’t permitted to keep cell phones or other electronic devices at camp and won’t have access to wifi. It is strongly recommended that campers leave their devices at home, with the exception of some of our Teen Week & Leadership Campers (see below). Please contact our office if you need a message passed along to your child.

Teen Week, Crew Camp, and LIT campers will be given the option to hand in devices at registration to be stored during the week. These campers will be given 2 allotted times throughout the week to sign out their devices. They will not have access to wi-fi. We are not responsible for loss or damage.


Telephone: We have one phone line at camp, which is used by our main office. If a camper inquires about calling home, we will reach out to parents first before having them make a call home. If a child is struggling with homesickness, we will call or email you to let you know how they are feeling and come up with an action plan together (i.e. setting up phone calls, going home for a night, etc.). In case of emergency calls, to or from parents, the camp director or office staff will relay messages as quickly as possible and have your child talk to you if needed.

Have questions about camp?Check out our FAQ

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