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Summer Camp Activities

Our vast range of programs and activities makes Circle Square Ranch appealing to children and teens. We encourage campers to try new and exciting activities that are challenging and fun. Exploring the beautiful outdoors with friends are a part of each fun-filled day at camp. Through high energy and interactive campfire times, daily cabin devotions and the example of our staff, campers will have the opportunity to discover what the Bible has to say about Jesus and our relationship with God. Campers participate in a variety of instructional and recreational activities based on their preferences.


  • Gaga ball
  • Mountain Boarding
  • Out trips
  • Recreational Activities: Various
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sling shots
  • Team Building Games
  • Tetherball
  • Theme meals
  • Tomahawks
  • Trampolines
  • Volleyball
  • Water games
  • Zip line: 30-ft high

Please note that activities vary for each camp session
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Packing List


Theme Meals


2020 Theme Meal Calendars will be posted in mid-June, stay tuned!

Horsemanship Program


Introductory Program

Explore Day Campers who have purchased the riding add-on, as well as campers in our Junior Camp, will learn the basics about horseback riding. They are taught to safely lead their horse and to start, stop, and steer their horses while riding at a walk. The Introductory Program builds confidence in riders.

Recreational Riding Program

Boys Camp and Leadership Camps will have the opportunity to ride at least once during their week at Circle Square Ranch. Campers in our Extreme Day Camp will ride daily. This recreational riding program consists of a lesson or may also include a trail ride.

Levels & Trail Riding Programs

Riders in our Discovery Camp may choose to participate in our Level or Trail Riding Programs.

Campers who choose Level Riding are placed in a level based on their current riding ability. Riders progress through the levels from beginner to learning advanced skills. Campers learn new skills in an arena and participate in one trailride during the week.

Campers in our Horse Lover’s Camp will also take part in the leveled riding program below based on their current skill level.

Campers in our Horse Lovers Day Camp will also participate in our Level Riding Program
Riders learn to lead their horse safely on the ground. They learn to mount and dismount. Riders learn to stop, start and steer their horses at a walk. Once a rider has good control at a walk, they will be introduced to jogging on their horse. As their skills develop they will learn proper balance and control at a jog. Campers can choose to participate in our ‘Horse Science’ classes on how to care for their horse.
Riders learn how to post while jogging and continue to develop their control at a jog. Campers will also learn to lope, working on proper cues, balance and position. In ‘Horse Science’ they will learn parts of the horse, parts of the saddle and bridle and how to pick up horses’ feet.
Riders begin to develop better control at the lope, learning simple lead changes. Riders learn extension and collection at all the gaits. The importance of good equitation is emphasized and campers are encouraged to begin riding with finesse. ‘Horse Science’ topics include horse colors and markings, horse body language and horse behaviours.
Riders learn how to work together with their horses to complete more advanced tasks. They will work on flying lead changes, turning on the haunches, smooth transitions between gates and square halts. Good equitation continues to be emphasized and riders are encouraged to ride with subtle and accurate cues. ‘Horse Science’ will cover basic horse first aid, common health problems in horses and horse breeds.
Campers who choose to participate in our trail riding program will head out on an hour-long trail ride every day. Perfect for the rider who wants to spend time with the horses and the great outdoors.

All campers are invited back to the barn at the end of the day to help us with our ‘barn and tack’ clean up. Campers can help to untack and groom the horses before they are turned out for the night and help to clean and prepare the barn for the next day.